1 marzo, 2017

Fesia Walk

Is a medical device for gait rehabilitation device, for people who suffered from foot drop as a result of a disease or injury of the central nervous system. The Fesia Walk device operation is based on surface electrical stimulation of the peroneal nerve and the posterior tibial nerve to cause plantar flexion and dorsiflexion in the corresponding gait phases. The main feature of this device is its multi-field electrode which allows better selectivity of movement and shorter setup times since it can automate the search for an optimal configuration.


Fesia WalkFesia Walk

Tecnical specs

Parameter Description
Classification Internal power, continuous operation with applied parts type BF
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 3,7V, 1400mAh
Operating modes Gait, calibration and standby
Controls On / off button
Intensity increase button (+)
Intensity decrease button (-)
Dimensions 26 mm x 52 mm x 76 mm
Weight 91 gr.
Load characteristics 5V – 0,5A
Wireless communication Two Bluetooth modules: Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 – Dual mode
Pulse type Symmetrical biphasic or compensated biphasic
Pulse intensity 0 – 60mA, 1mA resolution (for loads <5000Ω)
Pulse width 150us -. 300 us, resolution of 10us
Pulse frequency 1-40Hz, resolution of 1 Hz
Maximum output voltage 180V


Fesia Walk (Instructions for use) PDF
Fes Manager application (for ANDROID) APK
Fes Manager application (for Chrome extension) CRX
Fesia Walk (Brochure) PDF


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